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UA ナンバー:UA14/06(第2号)     国際事務局発信日:2006年8月22日
AI Index : ASA17-47-2006
国 名:中国



高智晟(こうちせい、Gao Zhisheng。男性、42歳、人權弁護士)




高智晟の妻と二人の子どもは、高智晟が逮捕されて以降、北京にある自宅で、警察官が周囲を監視する軟禁状態に置かれており、だれとの接触も禁じられた状態にある。8月20日に、人権弁護士の滕彪[とうひょう、Teng Biao]と学者の焦国標[焦國標、しょうこくひょう、Jiao Guobiao]が高智晟の妻と娘との接触を試み、彼の娘とかろうじて少しだけ話すことができたが、彼女はすぐに自宅を監視している警察官によって家の中に連れ戻された。その直後、警察官は、滕彪と焦国標を朝陽区小関派出所に連行し、約1時間の尋問の後、解放した。


高智晟は、北京に本部を置く晟智法律事務所の所長である。彼は、いくつかの知名度の高い人権に関する事件を取り扱うとともに、沢山の人権活動家の弁護を行ってきた。その中には、人権活動家の楊茂東[ようもとう、Yang Maodong](UA32/06, ASA 17/008/2006, 2006年2月9日とその追加情報を参照)、ジャーナリスト・元教授で、インターネット上での書き込みが理由で7年の投獄を言い渡された鄭貽春[ていいしゅん、Zheng Yichun]、聖書の印刷および販売を含む「不法事業の実施」により3年間拘禁されている蔡卓華[さいたくか、Cai Zhuohua]牧師も含まれている。

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2006年01月19日、ASA 17/001/2006、UA 14/06(第1号)、
2006年10月23日、ASA 17/055/2006、UA 14/06(第3号)、


AI Index: ASAS 17/047/2006, 22 August 2006,

Further Information on UA 14/06 (ASA 17/001/2006, 19 January 2006) Fear for safety/ death threats New concern: Fear of torture or ill-treatment

Gao Zhisheng (m), aged 42, human rights lawyer

Human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng was detained in Shandong Province on 15 August by police officers from Beijing. He is believed to be held incommunicado at an unknown location and is at risk of torture or ill-treatment.

Gao Zhisheng was detained while visiting his sister's house in Dongying City, Shandong Province. His sister has reportedly been warned not to tell anybody about his detention. The police have reportedly provided no reason for his detention to his family, but on 18 August the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that Gao Zhisheng was detained on suspicion of engaging in unspecified criminal activities. It is unclear where he is being held.

Gao Zhisheng's wife and two children have reportedly been confined to their home in Beijing by police officers who have been standing guard around their house since Gao Zhisheng was detained. They are prohibited from contacting anybody receiving visitors or contacting anyone. On 20 August, human rights lawyer Teng Biao and academic Jiao Guobiao attempted to visit Gao Zhisheng's wife and daughter. They managed to talk to his daughter briefly but she was quickly taken back into the house by a police officer guarding the home. Immediately afterwards, the police took both Teng Biao and Jiao Guobiao to Xiaoguan Police Station in Chaoyang District. They were released after around one hour of questioning.

Gao Zhisheng is a director of the Beijing-based Shengzhi Law Office. He has taken on several high-profile cases and defended a number of activists, including human rights activist Yang Maodong (the subject of UA 32/06, ASA 17/008/2006, 9 February 2006 and follow-ups), Zheng Yichun, a journalist and former professor, sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for his online writings; and Pastor Cai Zhuohua, who has been imprisoned for three years for 'illegal business practices', including printing and selling copies of the Bible.

In November 2005, the operations of the Shengzhi Law Office were suspended by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice for one year. One month later, Gao Zhisheng's licence to practice law was revoked. These events appear to be linked to his work in defence of activists, and in particular his publication of an open letter calling for religious freedom and an end to the 'barbaric' persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual movement. Since then he has been subjected to continuous surveillance and other forms of harassment and intimidation by the authorities. In January 2006, Gao Zhisheng survived an apparent attempt on his life when he almost collided with a car (see original UA). He believed the incident was instigated by the authorities.